The 2016 KPSF Open

2016 marked the inaugural year of the Kunal Patel SF Open, the only USTA tennis tournament in San Francisco with a $15,000 or larger prize pool. The first year event included men’s singles, men’s doubles, and a social mixed doubles event across 4 days of competitive tennis.

2016 Results

Men's Open Singles

Best 2 out of 3 tiebreak sets, regular scoring

Victor Pham

Singles Champion, $5,000 Prize

Leonardo Kirche

Singles Finalist, $3,000 Prize

Denny Fafek, Oren Motevassel

Singles Semifinalists, $1,000 Each

Andre Dome, Austen Huang, Joel Kielbowicz, Nikita Matveiko

Singles Quarterfinalists, $500 Each

Men's Open Doubles

Best 2 out of 3 tiebreak sets with a 10-point match tiebreak in lieu of a third set, no-ad scoring

Andre Dome & Max Ortiz

Doubles Champions, $500 Each

Allesandro Ventre & Leonardo Kirche

Doubles Finalists, $350 Each

Denny Fafek, Joel Kielbowicz, Matt Seeberger, Rudolph Siwy

Doubles Semifinalists, $175 Each