October 12–16, 2022

Goldman Tennis Center

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

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The 2022 KPSF Open

Aerial view of the Goldman Tennis Center

Join us for The 2022 Kunal Patel San Francisco Open, starring some of the best players in the country, all competing for $40K!


  • Men's and Women's Semifinals
  • Men's and Women's Finals
  • KPSF Kids' Day
    Free event for kids 12 and under. Tennis, fun, games, music, prizes, and more!

All matches are open to the general public for FREE!

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2022 Schedule



Men's and Women's Singles, Round of 32 
8 AM
8:00 AM until end of day



Men's and Women's Singles, Round of 16 
8 AM
8:00 AM until end of day



Men's and Women's Singles Quarterfinals 
10 AM–10 PM
10:00AM – 2 Men’s Singles Match; 1 Women’s Singles Match
12:00PM – 1 Men’s Singles Match; 2 Women’s Singles Match
5:30PM – 1 Men’s Singles Match to follow 1 Women’s Singles Match



Men's and Women's Singles Semifinals 
12 PM
12:00PM – 1 Men’s Singles Match
2:00PM – 1 Women’s Singles Match
5:00 pm – 1 Women’s Singles Match
Mens to follow



Men’s and Women’s Open Singles Finals 
10 AM
10:00 AM–12:00 PM – KPSF Kids' Day
1:00 PM – 1 Men’s Singles Match
3:00PM - 1 Women’s Singles Match to follow

About the KPSF Open

Tournament History

The Kunal Patel San Francisco (KPSF) Open was conceived by Mukesh, Harsha, and Monique Patel, parents, and sister of Kunal Patel, in honor of his love for life and passion for tennis. Kunal’s exuberant life was tragically cut short on October 23, 2014 at the age of 27. Only a week later, Kunal was to depart for London with his friends to watch the ATP World Tour Finals.
It is in memory of Kunal’s love for the game, and his passion for the sport as a fan, that his family has established the Kunal Patel SF Championships, the first ever tournament of its kind in San Francisco.

About Kunal

Kunal Patel was an extraordinary human being, whose energy, enthusiasm, and zest for life knew no bounds. He was a traveller, adventurer, sports enthusiast, and a gifted athlete. He loved to hike, bike (he had completed the Escape from Alcatraz and the New York Triathlon), and above all, play tennis.
Kunal first lifted a tennis racket when he was nine years old and immediately fell in love with the sound of the ball whacking against the tennis racket, and the thrill of facing down an opponent (his Dad). Kunal loved to play tennis on weekends with his family and competed at the club level in San Francisco, where he lived and worked on establishing a career. Kunal an avid tennis player and a dedicated sports fan who was fascinated by the way in which sports tested a player’s athleticism, competitive drive, and spirit. Kunal’s passion for tennis took him around the world to attend live tournaments.

Tournament Founders

Mukesh Patel

Mukesh is a serial entrepreneur and an investor in the IT industry, based in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. He is active in helping startups and has funded numerous charity organizations. He enjoys photography, golf, tennis, and family travels.

Derrik Hirschfeld

Derrik picked up tennis about 15 yrs ago and has been on the tennis courts a few days a week ever since. He works in the investment space in real estate and food/ agriculture. When he's not working or playing tennis, he can usually be found hanging out with his wife and two young daughters in the city.

Vikram Viswanathan

Vikram thinks he should have played tennis for a living (his wife is thankful he still has a day job). Some of his fondest tennis memories are of playing “epic” 5 setters with Kunal on Sunday afternoons. Vikram works in tech and can be spotted biking around the city between work, tennis and home.